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BlueVoyant’s products are built to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving attack space. Learn about our world-class offering:

BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence Managed Security Service Cyber Forensics and Incident Response

BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence

BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence monitors your company’s external attack surface, assesses emerging risks, and delivers near real-time, actionable intelligence that is specific to your organization.

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With BlueVoyant you can:

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    Identify emerging attacks external to your perimeter

    BlueVoyant can detect events that most commercial solutions cannot see until after the worst has occurred. Our data and analytics capabilities allow us to identify emerging cyber threats and the risks they pose to your organization—including risks to your vendor and partner organizations.

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    Profile cyber vulnerabilities daily

    BlueVoyant profiles your cyber vulnerabilities on a daily basis, enabling you to continually see what you look like from an attacker’s point of view and remediate vulnerabilities.

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    Receive real-time cyber alert risk scoring

    BlueVoyant analyzes the data generated by your internal defenses, enriches it with external data, and feeds back risk scoring results in real-time, allowing you to swiftly prioritize investigations and response.


BlueVoyant’s Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence service goes beyond your boundaries to see threat actors and activities not visible on the inside.

Experience the BlueVoyant difference:

  • Dedicated Analyst

    Access deep threat expertise when you need it with your own Dedicated Threat Operations Center Analyst.

  • BlueVoyant Virtual Analyst

    Use our BlueVoyant Virtual Analyst (BVVA) to query our greylist, review Indicators of Compromise, and obtain an adversary’s view of your network attack surface.

Managed Security Service

BlueVoyant’s Managed Security Service provides real-time monitoring, vulnerability detection and response, backed by our 24/7/365 global security operations centers.

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With BlueVoyant’s Managed Security Service you can:

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    Access unrivaled threat intelligence

    Benefit from our exclusive external monitoring and deep and dark web capabilities, combined with advanced, automated analytics that allow us to observe, detect, and characterize behavior others cannot.

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    Get real-time response, not just “push alerts”

    We provide real-time, remote response. Our advanced analytics enable fast and accurate detection. We isolate and respond to attacks on your behalf.


By integrating round-the-clock detection and deterrence capabilities with automated, real-time response—we help to give you the protection you need 24/7/365.

Benefit from defense-in-depth, including:

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    Advanced Endpoint Detection

    Behavioral and signature-based blocking of ransomware and malware.

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    Network Defense

    Ongoing scans for unpatched and unregistered devices, attempted data exfiltration and unusual network traffic.

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    Deception Technology

    State-of-the-art deception technology.

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    Threat Intelligence

    Dark web and external threat monitoring.

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    Real-time, Remote Response

    Automated protection with our comprehensive remote response capabilities.

Additional services include:

  • Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) protection

  • Managed DNS

  • Email attachment protection

  • Regulatory, compliance and reporting packages

  • M&A and vendor cyber due diligence

Cyber Forensics and Incident Response

Breaches happen, but business derailment doesn’t have to follow. BlueVoyant provides swift, effective cyber forensics and incident response for companies that have suffered a breach.

With BlueVoyant you can:

  • Obtain swift, expert support from industry veterans

    Receive proactive, real-time incident response support within hours. Benefit from a team with decades of experience managing sensitive, high profile cybercrime cases. See why we’ve become a go-to referral for leading law firms and insurers.

  • Accelerate containment and recovery

    Minimize disruption and damage. We provide total network compromise hunt and clean operations. Our advanced technologies identify, contain and eradicate systemic infections either locally or remotely—to bring you effective resolution in a fraction of the typical time.

  • Gain peace of mind by partnering with a full-service cybersecurity firm

    Turn to us for ongoing cybersecurity protection long after the breach is contained. Our full-service firm delivers advanced threat intelligence and sophisticated, automated, real-time managed security.


Get full-service incident response, in-depth insider threat detection and forensic analyses, and international coverage through our global partners.

Contact us for incident support at [email protected]

Our response incorporates host and network based analysis, tailored to assist our clients address and recover from a wide variety on incidents.